Saturday, March 10, 2012

Math Work Stations Journey, continues

I am stuck!  I am reflecting on my attempt to implement Math Work Stations and it has been more of a challenge than I expected and I am reflecting on why?  Are there other teachers out there who are struggling?  I want to meet and collaborate with them!  It helps me to collaborate!  I learn so much from others and there is something inspirational and freeing in that moment when I discover that someone is having some of the same struggles!  A sort of 'ah-ha...hey, I'm having that SAME issue!" I have searched many blogs, and, while I find their successes inspiring and hopeful for where I wish I were, there is a piece of me that finds  myself feeling lonely and wondering what I am missing. 
     I also know that when I keep asking 'why', I usually have to face my own self and push to be 100% honest with myself.  Then, I am pushed to the point of naming the problem, which in turn means that I..and only I...can make the changes to solve the problem! 
     There are some things that I know need to change, but, the environment I find myself in does not have me trusting that I will be able to make some of the changes I think would help.  Feeling this way (hands tied), has me feeling I just want to throw my hands up and give up!  wow!  Did I just write that?!  
     I will not give up, I will reflect more, identify changes that can work along with what my kids need and figure out how to make Math Work Stations coordinate with what the data gathering/producing tools measure! 
     If anyone reads this...please leave a comment, advice, etc that might be helpful!  Thanks! 

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