Friday, January 6, 2012

Clutter Free Classroom Project

I am just getting started blogging and have been enticed into this because of all the cool things I have been learning as a 'blog stalker' over the past several months.  I am super excited to be participating in  the Clutter Free Classroom project, which was the final push I needed to join the blogging world.

Click on the the above link or the picture below to check out the Project!

Our school got new floors over the break and we had to completely pack up our room because the old floor removal involved asbestos (sp?).  So, this is what greeted me Thursday morning 1/5/12 @ 7 a.m.!  I can tell you that I was very conscious of being organized and making sure everything has a place!  Maintaining it?  Well, only time will tell.  It is my desk/small group area that is most often in need of a "organization makeover".

The view from my door.  I can barely get into the room!

This will transform into a library/word wall/meeting area!

My desk/small group area to the left and a very ugly board.


  1. This is what probably is waiting for me on Monday. Our floors get waxed every break so things get moved around. I also teach in a hundred year old building which is under construction and my room was picked this break to have some work done on it so I was not allowed to go back and work on it. I am so scared to see what I will find on Monday. That was great that you were able to get in to your room and organize.

  2. We had to move every classroom into the gym...then back again! It is not fun walking in on Monday not knowing what you will find

  3. I would die if I had to move everything out of my room!! I think you are in way better shape than I am in though. My classroom is a disaster area!

  4. Ohmiword, I can't imagine having to pack up everything in the middle of the year! Based on your recent posts, it looks like you've made a TON of progress! I'm your newest follower and found you via the linky!

    Living A Wonderful Life